Intex For Indoor and Outdoor Air Beds

There are many air bed manufacturers in the market but Intex has made a name for itself by producing mattresses that are very durable and perfect for outdoor use. They have a long line up of quality products.

Going On A Trip? Buy An Intex

You will have a premium soothing sensation when you lie down on the soft mattresses from Intex. There are countless air vents in these beds that help support your body in the best way. Made from durable materials, these beds can easily withstand hard uneven surfaces. If you are going on a camping trip, you can easily carry an Intex bed with you and inflate it when needed. This beds are perfect for kids as well.

If you are still undecided then you should read Intex Reviews by Sleep on Air right now. You will get in depth details about many a product and information about their prices too. Take an informed decision and buy the best air mattress.

Keep Your Wine Collection Chilled For A Finer Taste

Whenever you welcome some special guests in your house; invite a special friend for a drink or perhaps just try to enjoy a nice occasion with your dear ones; a sip of cooled wine can really set the mood and tone for the occasion. If you wonder how you can get such beautifully chilled wine at home, then wine coolers are the answer to your thought. A quick glimpse at Cooling Wine will give you a nice idea on how you can get commercial quality wine cooling right inside your living room.

Depending on your wine collection and requirements you can choose the size of the cooler and the cooling system accordingly. You can choose a compact single cooling system like the Avante 12 bottle cooler which is best for a small collection or if you are a true wine enthusiast then you can go for a dual zone cooler like the Koolatron WC29 which gives you different temperature controlled zones to store different types of wines. Here are some information about both:

The Single Zone Cooler With 12 Bottle Capacity:

The Avanti EWC1021 12 bottle cooler, as the name suggests, holds 12 bottles of wine and the features are:

  • It is a single zone cooler which implies setting of only one temperature.
  • Low noise because of thermoelectric cooling and less vibrations.
  • It can hold 12 bottles together, 4 vertically and 8 resting on the racks.
  • Black colored compact and sleek design.
  • Insulated glass door that is concave in shape adds to the beauty.
  • Soft blue LED light that illuminates the interior in style and lets you choose the bottle to take out without opening the door.

The unit is decently priced for the functions it offers and is perfect if you want to store and cool a small collection of wines or if you consume your wines regularly.

The Dual Zone Cooler With 29 Bottle Capacity:

Next comes the Koolatron WC29 Dual Zone that is designed for advanced wine collectors. The dual zone title suggests two separate chambers that have two separate temperature controllers thus you can distribute your wines according to their best fit temperatures. The cooler features:

  • Compressor cooling.
  • Blue LED light that can be turned on or off.
  • Lower basket for keeping wine bottles that can not be fitted in upper racks and trays.
  • Rack angle adjustment system.
  • Top compartment can store 10 and the lower one 19 bottles.

A perfect choice for the true wine lovers, the Koolatron can be used both commercially or at home. Stroing and cooling your precious wine bottles were never easier.