Different Types of Surveillance Cameras on the Market

These days, when thieves and criminals are lurking anywhere, surveillance cameras can be a life-saver. Even though you have already installed alarm system and several locks in your home, you still need cameras to survey every nook and cranny of your residence.

Installing cameras in your home can help you calm your nerves while you are away making a trip to the grocery store. With video surveillance, you can record activity in and around your house.

What are the types of surveillance cameras that you can find?
Security cameras can be wired or wireless, depending on where you want them to be set up. Wired cameras are difficult to install. Plus, the wires cannot be hidden. However, they can provide you with higher-quality pictures compared with wireless cameras.

home securityOn the other hand, wireless cameras can offer you the flexibility that you need to be discreet. However, the signal coming from them may interfere with the signals from cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. Plus, your video feeds can be hacked by others. But should you insist on installing wireless surveillance cameras, you must make sure that you opt for a system that is equipped with encryption technology.

Apart from deciding whether to go with wired or wireless, it is also important to consider the size of the camera. Larger ones are visible and they are usually installed outside. In this way, people will know that they have been closely watched. Smaller cameras can be easily hidden to make it more discreet.

Whatever type of camera you choose, you must know the legal restrictions on this type of surveillance. For instance, in some states, you need to alert anyone within the range of your surveillance device by putting a sign that some cameras are installed for security purposes.

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